CONSOLES Otari Sound Workshop Series 34 40 channel board with custom speakers, integrated snakes and breakout box; Neve 5060 analog summing console.

MONITORS Urei 809, Westlake BBSM-6, Dynaudio Air 15, Tannoy PBM 6.5, Tannoy 800A, Yamaha NS-10 with Hafler amp, Genelec 1031a, RSL 3600, Event PS8, Alesis Monitor One Mk II, KRK V6, custom console monitors.

TRACKING Otari MTR-12, TEAC A-3340S, Akai DR1200, Akai DL1200, Akai DM1200, Akai DD1000i Plus, Akai DR4D, Otari DTR-8S, Alesis Masterlink, Pioneer PDR-99, Tascam DA-P1, 2 Tascam 133, Tascam 202 Mark III, Teac W-430C, Tascam dual CD player/recorder.

INTERFACES Pro Tools|HD 3, Digidesign 192HD converters, Lynx Aurora 16, Universal Audio Apollo Quad, UAD2 Quad Card, RME Babyface.

MICROPHONES Neumann U87, Manley reference Cardioid tube mic, 3 AKG 414, 2 Coles 4038, 2 Audio Technica AT4040, 3 Sennheiser 409, 2 Sennheiser MD-421 II,  Shure vented vocal mic, Neumann KMS 105, B.L.U.E. (Blueberry, Baby Bottle, Bluebird), 6 Shure SM57, 2 Shure SM94, 2 Shure SM81, SVT tube Di, 3 Countryman Di.

PREAMPS 2 Neve 1064a, 4 Neve 1073, API 3124, API 3124+, 2 API 512c, 2 Vintech 573, 2 custom Vintech 500 series, Universal Audio 4-710D, Apogee Trak2, Universal Audio LA610, Presonus Eureka, tons of Custom Preamps.

COMPRESSORS 2 Emprical Labs Distressor, 2 Inward Connections The Brute, Stereo Drawmer 1960, Stereo Drawmer DL241, Stereo Alan Smart C2, Stereo Fatso Jr - Emperical Labs, Tube Tech LCA 2B stereo tube, BSS DPR 901, SPL 9842 Transient Designer 4, BSS DPR-402, EL DerrEssor, Smart Research C2, Tube Tech LCA 2B.

EFFECTS and EQ 2 API 560b, 2 API 560d, BSS DPR-901 II, 2 Lexicon PCM-42 digital delay, Eventide H3000 SE, Dynacord DRP 20X Reverb, Electrix (WarpFactory, FilterFactory, FilterQueen, EQ Killer), Sony MU-EO41, Korg DRV-1000, Ibanez DM-1000, BBE Sonic Maximizer 322, Alesis MidiVerb 4, DBX 163X, Lexicon LXP1.

INSTRUMENTS and AMPS Yamaha U3, Rhodes 88, Multiple Drum Kits, Ampeg B-100 bass amp, Gibson GA-20 guitar amp, Gretch guitar amp, Fender Princeton guitar amp, Gibson Falcon Guitar amp, assorted percussion and Congas.

SYNTHESIZERS and SAMPLERS Kurzweil K250, DSI Evolver, RedSound Dark Star, Yamaha AN200, Roland SP-303.

RHYTHM MACHINES Roland: DR-55, DR-110, CR-68, TR-33, TR-77, TR-66, TR-606, R8M, MC-303. Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-1, Oberheim DMX, E-mu Drumulator, Maestro Rhythm King MRK-2, Paia Drummer Boy, King Beat R1000, various Univox and Korg. 

CUSTOM PIECES and GADGETS Sampletron by Tim Kaiser, various circuit bent audio toys and samplers, Monome, Buddha Machines, first-gen Thingamagoop, Stanton decks.

SOFTWARE Ableton 9 Suite, Pro Tools 10 and 12, Sound Forge Pro 11, Universal Audio UAD2 System, NI Komplete 10, Logic Studio, Vienna Symphonic Library Performance Set, Arturia V Collection, Korg Legacy with MS20 controller, many plugins.

COMPUTERS Apple G5s and custom PCs.

AMPLIFIERS Yamaha P-2200, Yamaha PC4002M, NAD THX, Adcom 545, Marantz AV550.

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT Cerwin Vega PA with Mackie 4016, 60” plasma display monitor, modified video units: JVC BR-S800U Pioneer DV-45A, Sony DVP-S530D.