Skeleton Studios, LLC is based in North Hollywood, Los Angeles. We have offered audio services and solutions in NYC, Los Angeles, London, San Francisco and Boston since 1988.

Our studio philosophy is an unbiased use of technology. We utilize both a large stock of vintage equipment and the latest technology to manifest the highest fidelity recordings.

The studio is fully stocked with premiere recording equipment and instruments.


Kraig Tyler has forged a successful 20 year music career, selling tens of millions of albums and maintaining his vital role in the underground music scene. After founding several notable bands in New York, Kraig joined Los Angeles band Crazy Town as a guitarist. Crazy Town sold over 4 million records, scoring a number one worldwide hit with their song "Butterfly." 

After five years touring the world with Crazy Town, Kraig returned to the studio, working as a producer and writer with The Plain White T's, The Mowgli's, Katy Perry, Hilary Duff, Taryn Manning, The Wylde Bunch, Emily Osment, Rama Duke, Hollywood Undead, Lil Jon, Drew Seely, Tino Coury, and countless others, as well as scoring the television shows Drag Race High and Burnout on MTV.

Jason Dragon

Jason Dragon was in demand as a composer and songwriter for eight years before relocating to the UK to work as an artist with Daniel Miller, Gareth Jones, Andy Gray, Bob Kraushaar, Lee Fraser, and other legendary producers.

After two years in London, Jason returned to the US to focus on ghostwriting and music production. Jason has advised several music companies as a strategic consultant, and he was the Licensing Director for A Train Entertainment. He has worked with music technology companies since the earliest days of digital music compression. Jason attended the PhD Psychology Program at NYU. His experience in music, business, technology, and psychology informs his unique vision.